Vision’s story

We are a trusted partner in the manufacturing industry arena and committed to long-term cooperation. We use the latest technologies to bring our clients the best benefits possible. Our mission is to improve manufacturing companies’ competitiveness by standing at the forefront of optical measurement and smart automation.

is our promise to act as a visionary trailblazer. We develop hardware and system solutions that improve production line productivity, and enhance machine and equipment intelligence.

Vision Systems has decades of experience integrating devices and embedded software into automated hardware and system solutions. Our solutions take advantage of the latest industrial internet technologies.

We are known for our solution-oriented approach and reliable services. They both mirror our employees’ commitment and enthusiasm.

Vision Systems

  • Technology company
  • Noteworthy: pioneered machine vision in Finland
  • Established in 1985
  • 10 experts specialising in smart automation and optical measurement
  • Headquarters in Jyväskylä, Finland

Vision employees are easily identified by their specialist expertise and their desire to learn new things


We specialise in automated identification solutions, measurement systems and control systems, with over 3,000 units installed globally in production and processing lines at our clients’ industrial facilities.


Paper and bioproduct industries, metal and steel industries, tyre industry , other manufacturing industries.


  • Identification solutions for manufacturing
  • Production measurement and control systems
  • Manufacturing quality-control systems
  • Production process data collection and analytics software
  • Client-specific machine vision applications
  • Training, consulting and project services
  • Deployment and maintenance services


Vision Systems Ltd. has rock-solid skills in developing and delivering client-specific machine vision systems to large clients.



Tel. +358 10 347 2799 (8–16)